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Love relationship: Boyfriend-Girlfriend [Name] [Date] Abstract This research paper is focused on different aspects of love relationship. It is claimed by the authors that in the modern world it is very difficult to support love relationship. There are very many external factors, which are influencing our behavior and potential development of relationship in case some behavioral changes occur.


Introduction What is love? Actually, it is very difficult to give the exact definition to this concept. It is evident that without love social lives of people are unsound and they constantly feel depressed without this strong supporting feeling. Romantic relationship is initiated from the very beginning and first words of love confessions uttered by a woman or a man. Then, love relationship can be developed briskly, or it can be examined through many years. Anyway, mutual support and understanding of both partners is a key factor for successful development of love or romantic relationship. These are common truths and very often people want to penetrate into the secret laboratory of love relationships development and find out the effective background for relationship development. Literature Review Ackerman (2011) claimed that women are ready for expressing their love and are more willing to hear the words of love themselves. This seems to be a good and an interesting start for the study…At first I was sure that in accordance with stereotypes men make love confessions first, and then this can be done by women. This study has a little bit changed by attitude to social stereotypes about love confessions. Emotional expression is more appropriate for women. ...
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