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In this essay, we will talk about two important ways of studying a phenomenon in reality. We will talk about ontology and its direct, objective approach to studying an entity, and epistemology, with its more intrinsic approach concerning knowledge, truth, belief, and justification. Ontology Ontology is the study of things that exist and their nature of being (“Ontology”). It is said that everything that has a name exists and every noun points to an actual entity. Ontology is the study about that entity. Whether the concept is concrete such as a microorganism, or abstract such as resilience, the study of that entity as something that exists is the ontological approach. It is generally a descriptive and categorical way of thinking that examines the nuts and bolts of an existing entity, categorizing and differentiating it from other entities. I am holding a flower. The flower I am holding is a rose. The thorns are pointy and can pierce my skin. These are all ontological notions. Therefore, Ontology is the recognition and classification of an entity that exists and its constituent parts. Epistemology Epistemology on the other hand, is the study of knowledge. It questions what a person knows, how he knows what he knows, and how much a person can know about something. Some philosophers believe that knowledge is a “True Belief” that has “Justification”. ...
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Andrew Warren Crs 287 October 16th 2012 Ontology and Epistemology: My Beliefs What is reality? If whatever we see, hear, feel, taste and smell constitutes reality, then is reality merely a collection of data perceived through our senses? What is real? What is true?…
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