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Course Over the years, China has registered the worst records of copyright offenses in the globe. With its increased availability and distribution of counterfeited movies, music and software, its case has become a global concern.


Reports indicate that there is minimal understanding and respect for intellectual property. This paper will discuss why cinematic piracy has become son rampant in China and present the alarming statistics at which this vice is talking place. Cinematic piracy involves the reproduction of any cinematic intellectual property without paying any returns to the producers. The vice involves both the act of production and buying counterfeit copies (Larkin, 2004). The pirated video compact discs (VCDs) and DVDs enter the distribution channels in China retailing at very low prices. It is surprising that, Hollywood movies appear in counterfeited forms in China streets, before their official launch into theatres. In other cases, the circulation of pirated movies in China begins a few days after the premier entry into theatres. Some cinematic pirates often make use of hand-held videos in theatres during a movie premier to capture the entire movie. These offenders then proceed to make copies in Asia, and in a few days, they gain entry into the market. Other copyright offenders rely on quality screeners in order to produce copies of Hollywood movies. Sometimes the copies come out in a quality that is easily confused with the original. With the increasing use of internet in the globe, it becomes easy to share cinematic intellectual property files in digital form (Pang, 2006).
Background statistics of Cinematic Piracy
Cinematic piracy is very rampant in china and prevailed for a long time. Traditional piracy involved making copies of movies and retailing them at much cheaper prices in the Chinese market. The Chinese government failed to intervene into the matter that was causing Chinese movie industries immense losses. ...
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