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There is no denying the fact that the justification of the invasion of Iraq was to a great extent largely based on the oft repeated and bolstered allied premise that not only Iraq had amassed a significant stock of the weapons of mass destruction, but, Iraq also intended to use this weapons


The intelligence agencies of most of the allied nations furnished detailed reports ascribing to Iraq the possession of weapons of mass destruction and the governments of these nations used these reports as a premise to ratify and support the invasion of Iraq. In that context it will be really valid to mention a CIA report as per which Iraq maintained and retained weapons of mass destruction program irrespective of the varied prohibitive UN resolutions (CIA 1). This report elaborated in detail that Iraq had a clandestine weapons of mass destruction program and was amassing biological and chemical weapons which if not checked and restrained could spell disaster for the friendly neighbouring countries and the associated Western nations (CIA 1). This CIA report also stressed that Iraq also had a hidden nuclear weapons program and if a military operation is not initiated against Iraq in the near future, Iraq will be very soon be in possession of a viable nuclear weapon and hence will be in a position to intimidate and blackmail the averse neighbouring nations and their Western allies and friends. Varied media reports concertedly backed such claims expressed and supported by the US and the UK, which started to appear concocted and non-corroborated in the later media publications. ...
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