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Cultural Immersion Name Institution I had always heard news from various radio stations, TV stations, government bodies, and non-governmental organizations campaigns regarding the subject of homelessness. As I grew up, I had loving parents that provided me everything, right from shelter, clothes and food.


As I grew up, I realized there were increasing numbers of adverts and campaigns to assist these people. On one night show by a Fox News presenter, I heard the news anchor commenting, “Something needs to be done regarding homelessness. I believe it is high time the government made extra efforts and offered proper solutions instead of leaving it to non-governmental organizations” (Todd 2006, p. 23). This made me to take a keen interest and try to find out more about the homeless. As a resident of San Diego, I made attempts to inquire about the homeless. One day, I asked my dad, “Are you aware of where the homeless live? Can you walk me there?” My dad laughed and said, “I will take you there.” That Saturday morning, my dad and I proceeded to San Diego streets, as I joyfully carried some old clothes of mine and some dollar coins I had earlier saved in my piggy bank. In my past years, I had always enjoyed coming to the city since my father took us to many fancy places by his car. That day, my father took another path as we walked to the city. I heard my father saying, “Welcome to Downtown. I am happy that you made a wise choice to visit these people. You will learn a lot”. As we entered Downtown Street, we met a lady that had carried a child and she had sat on the cold floor with tattered clothes, looking emaciated and shivering from the cold chilly morning. ...
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