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The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Name Course Instructor Date The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act After doing an extensive research on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, I came to realize how the United States of America government violates the privacy of its own citizens in the name of national security.


Without obtaining any warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). It is extremely unfortunate that the government we entrust to uphold and protect citizen rights is the one denying citizens their rights to privacy. According to Liu (2011), the National Security Agency (NSA), listens to telephone conversation of people suspected of terrorism. This is truly offending since phone calls are highly private and sometimes contains information that might be sensitive to the communicating parties. For example, if one is having a private conversation over the phone with a person close to you like your wife; it is extremely offending when you find out that someone else is listening in on your conversation through another line. The most common type of surveillance done by the government is electronic surveillance, (Levy 2007). Since almost all the communication done is through electronic devices, this is the common type of surveillance. The government may use transmitters referred to as “bugs”. These are tiny electronic devices that are designed to avoid being noticed. Their main function it to transmit signals of what one is communicating. They can be planted in ones cell phone, computer or even devices such as fax machines. ...
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