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Drug testing for welfare is a piece of legislation, which has been introduced in several states for preventing those individuals who are suspected of using drugs from receiving welfare.


The article therefore shows Davidson’s stance that he is indeed a supporter of drug testing for welfare. Despite this show of support, this legislation is still very controversial in the United States, and there is a lot of debate surrounding it. It can be said that while the intentions for the passing of this legislation in various states has been well meaning, its positive effects have yet to be seen. According to Ben Neary and Ivan Moreno, drug testing has come to be highly ineffective and unreliable when it comes to welfare. They state that this legislation has come to be seen as a waste of time and money for various reasons. Drug testing for welfare has come to be seen as unreliable because it has been found that people, who receive welfare, are not the biggest drug users in the United States. Most of the states that passed this legislation did so because of the belief that those who received welfare used the money they received to obtain drugs. The legislation was therefore, introduced to deny them the means of getting drugs, something that was thought to be commendable at the time. However, this assumption was found to be untrue, because of all the welfare applicants tested for drugs, only two percent of them tested positive. Incidents such as these have confirmed that this law is ineffective, due to the fact that its intended targets have been found to be innocent of what they have been accused. It has now been confirmed that welfare recipients are not the majority drug users in the United States. In addition, many of those legislatures, which have already passed the law, have been found to be in the wrong by various federal courts. ...
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