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Electronic Media Proper distribution of the content is a crucial thing for the producer. When the person creates something, he expects that his creation should be recognized and he should get money out of his creativity. Naturally the content has to be marketed properly to gain profit as well as recognition.


Let me explain you the theme of my content first. These eight heroines are performed on the stage through dance, music and instruments. 1. Abhisarika: She is a beautiful damsel secretly meets her lover at night. 2. Vasaksajja: This damsel has been dressed up beautifully and going to her husband for union. 3. Virahotkanthita: This damsel is distressed by her separation with her husband or lover. 4. Swadhinpatika: The damsel, who has given herself completely both physically and mentally to her husband or her lover. 5. Kalahantarita: Kalaha means quarrel or fight. This lady has quarrelled with her husband and separated from her husband. 6. Khandita: This lady has had a quarrel with her husband but still living with him. 7. Vipralabdha: This heroine is the lady who is deceived by her husband. She comes to know that he has spent his night with another lady. She is hurt and humiliated by the adultery. 8. Proshitpatika: Her husband has left her for some work. He promised to return on a particular day and yet he has not come. So she is concerned and sad. ...
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