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Name Institution Tutor Date Archetypes Film as a medium is powerful, influential and plays an integral role in the society as a tool for creation and perpetuation of well-known culture. Mythic archetypes utilize symbolic language and show significant culture experience in untimed past that is always there in the contemporary revelation of the myth.


Women in the film industry remain confined by archetypes of traditional mythic nature. The Evolution of the Leadership Archetype of Female The Baby Boon Comedy In reference to this 1887 comedy (starred by Diane Keaton and produced by William A. Franker), the female individuals confers upon a high social leadership level. The main character J.C Wiatt (Diane Keaton) is a driven Manhattan professional nicknamed the tiger lady, probably because of her strong personality. She mixes up her business professionalism with life care, in that she starts caring for the child. This movie lays credence to the socio-economic position of the world during that 10-year period and is characterized by the decreased growth of countries’ low standards of living. Wiatt’s key decision that surpassed the thought of an adoption, as she had grown attached to the child shows how the female figure appreciates life. The viewers remain appreciating the rational decision presented. They remain criticizing her male counterpart who left her at a critical time (Harold Ramis), an investment banker. Despite all the challenges and hurdles that Wiatt had encounter including suffering a nervous breakdown, she returns, and all hopes are high when the Baby Food company (owned by her) brings in millions after sale. ...
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