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How about Anti/Post/De/Globalization? Name Professor Institution Course Date Key Words: Globalization, Anti Globalization, Post Globalization, De-Globalization, Globally, party members, Wisler, S. & Brodsky, Jason. (2011, May 5Th). Antiglobalization podcast.


For instance, corporations manipulating political agendas with the intention of making handsome profits while ignoring human rights. This is evident with the states that have defied signing Kyoto protocol. The source is extremely essential due to its rich information meant to support diverse arguments concerning anti globalization movements. Legrain, Philippe. (2006, September 10Th). Is the anti-globalization movement wrong? (Part 1). Retrieved November 28Th 2012 from < > This is an interview held in a BBC broadcasting studio regarding anti-globalization movements’ agitations and their arguments concerning the end of globalization. Since, it has yielded to poverty in some states whereas the influential continue enriching themselves in the name of interdependence especially through trade. Philippe in this broadcasting addresses the issue of global insufficiency and other critical issues regarding anti globalization. This is a reliable source meant to support current global arguments regarding their perception towards globalization and its effects. This is especially in India where presently, local activists are against the idea of globalization, which is contrary to the US. Thomas, N. (2007). Global capitalism, the anti-globalization movement and the Third World. Capital & Class, 31(92), 45-78. Thomas in this article highlights three key misrepresented aspects, which the movements have habitually evaded. ...
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