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Why affirmative action is still needed in 2012?

Affirmative action is a policy by which marginalized groups (with marginalization usually defined on the basis of gender or race or class) are given preferential treatment, usually in the form of quotas. For example, in universities, a set quota may be allocated to, for example, black people or Latin Americans in order to create a heterogeneous atmosphere and increase possibilities for racial minorities. Or a gender quota might be imposed in companies, to ensure an equal number of men and women. Whilst the focal point of affirmative action is to improve the lives of those who belong to historically marginalized sectors, one very important aim as well of this policy and perhaps its long-term goal is to achieve social integration, to break down stereotypes and biases, and to foster a more gender-fair and color-blind society. To quote Coate and Loury, in workplace affirmative action, “an important component of this question would seem to be the impact of affirmative action on employers’ stereotypes about the capabilities of minority workers. ...
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This paper seeks to investigate whether or not affirmative action is still warranted in 2012, especially with respect to women and minority groups, and the extent to which they can access prime or high-paying employment opportunities in the United States…
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