How technology has impacted patterns of communication between parents and children

How technology has impacted patterns of communication between parents and children Research Proposal example
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How Technology Has Impacted Patterns of Communication between Parents and Children Name Institution Abstract Compared to the pre-industrial era, the current society exists in an error of disintegration and erosion of social values. Technological advancement is the main reason behind this development and still threatens to worsen things if not observed carefully.


Social media accessed through computers and smart phone that are all over expose people to many information with any restriction. Televisions purposed for entertainment also show programs without any practical restriction to the content viewers. In light of the above, this paper will present a research proposal on the impacts of technology on communication patterns of parents and children. In so doing, the paper will begin by providing introducing the issue, and then draw the background of the issue. The paper will then present a research question and hypothesis from where it will proceed to categorically investigated literature review. The paper will then draw a framework of research will carried and finally end with an explicit conclusion. Introduction Communication that involves exchange of information and ideas through common symbols, languages and body movements is an essential and crucial aspect of human life. Human beings and perhaps all living creatures have their own methods and techniques of communicating with each towards coordination and programming of activities within their respective societies. Methods and techniques of interpersonal communication among human beings have undergone serious and rapid revolution over short time. ...
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