Public relations in media and cultural contexts (1/2)

Public relations in media and cultural contexts (1/2) Essay example
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Public Relations in Media and Cultural Contexts Name: Instructor: Introduction Public relations as a tool of success have obtained interest in many organizations. Propaganda use in media is a fundamental issue in addressing the manner in which public relations can be articulated in organizations cultures.


Culture in media features a gap in system of life in which certain meanings and values can be expressed through arts or education. This paper will analyze the use of media propaganda as a tool of public relation to influence the diverse cultural practices in the market. Discussion Apple Company has applied the practice and the use of media public relation in influencing the customers. Apple Inc is a competitive company in a competitive market because its commodity compatibility and hardware are oriented to clients need. A. The numerous transformations in apple Inc during the years from inception to the present time includes several strategic management variations initiated by the use of media public relations. In so doing they have promoted their equipment and software transformation (Sigmund, 2007). The strategy application led to the creation of the Apple II that became more users friendly and focused on consumer industry. With the sales increase, the management progressed with the alteration of the company strategy in order to promote its products in a bigger market share as possible. The strategy became a large development to all consumers with the company adverts in media. (Nixon & Gay 2002). ...
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