rhetorical criticism using Ernest bormann's Fantasy theme approach and Neo-Aristotelian approach on Barack Obama's first Inaugur

rhetorical criticism using Ernest bormann
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Rhetorical criticism using Ernest Bormann’s Fantasy theme approach and Neo-Aristotelian approach on Barack Obama's first Inaugural Address Name Course Tutor Date Introduction On September 2008, President Barack Obama took office as the president of united State of America (USA) and the first black American to hold this office.


To a good number of America the election of president Obama represented hope for a new beginning and a chance to perform reforms for the better. However, many Americans questioned his ability to lead with enough background and skills to address these concerns. This thesis examines the president 2009 inaugural address. The analysis of this speech shows how the president rhetorically managed to alleviate the concern of the USA’s people. And, in what manner he was rhetorically able to convince Americans that he is the right person to led the nation to the right direction through this difficult times. First, present and explains the chosen theories within classical rhetoric and the genre of the address. He then uses the selected theories to analyze the Obama’s inaugural address. The writer then makes assessment and discussion of the thesis statement from this analysis. The thesis has Ernest Bormann's Fantasy theme approach and Neo-Aristotelian approach to determine the type of speech, the usage and appeal form used. By utilizing this approach, it was possible to deduce whether Obama’s inaugural speech was rhetoric. The Obama’s rhetoric inaugural address has its own genre. ...
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