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Malcom X supported his belief by using intensity within his argument that separation of White and Black Americans is the only way to achieve success for the Negros. The use of voice inflection, hand gestures, and body language are important factors in this style of speech oration. Continual repetition of facts that Negros were not welcome in the United States further stressed the message being delivered to the public audiences (The Ballot, 2000). While Malcom X was suggesting that solution was segregation, King was offering love and unity to solve the problem. Compare and Contrast Civil Rights and Women’s Rights Fredrick Douglass, Rosa Parks, and Oliver Brown supported the Civil Rights Movement that allowed African American individuals the right to every benefit afforded the White population. Fredrick Douglass was named the father of Civil Rights as he pushed for the abolishment of slavery in the 1800s (Fremarjo, 2011). Rosa Parks was a black woman who refused to give up her seat on a bus to a White person and move to the back of the bus (Parks, 2012). Her actions sparked monumental actions toward desegregation. Oliver Brown petitioned the school to allow his student to attend a school that was closer to their home. The ruling on this court case “Brown vs. ...
Even though it did not happen overnight, women did earn the right to vote and were allowed into the workforce. Susan B. Anthony was a staunch supporter of Women’s Rights from the beginning of the idea. For over 50 years, she promoted the idea that women suffrage was needed (Lindor, 2001). In 1872 Anthony saw her voting ballot drop into the ballot box. The trial that ensued allowed her to spread her message to a larger audience than previously encountered. Elizabeth Stanton named her occupation as a Women’s Rights Activist. Not only did she promote the right to vote for women, but she also supported the abolishment of slavery. Stanton delivered speeches that accused the bible and men of denying women their rights. Stanton published a critique of the bible and received considerable from religious groups and community members alike (Stanton, 2012). The difference between the Civil Rights Movement and Women’s Rights was that one dealt with ethnicity rights and the other dealt with gender rights. The similarities existed in the fact that each group was fighting for the right to benefit from all the privileges afforded to other individuals who were not confined by color or gender. The use of violent and nonviolent protests were present in each movement. The individuals who supported the movements were in danger of jail or torture in each historical event. Persuasive Attempts Many types of persuasive action has been enacted to convince another person of accepting or changing beliefs that were not originally their own. Influence has been the practice of orators around the world. Techniques that have been used throughout history include: Getting the audience’s attention Creating or identifying a need, problem, or desire Offering a solution ...Show more


Protest & Reform Civil Rights vs. Women’s Rights December 6, 2012 Persuasive Strategies Compared Martin Luther King Jr. used several persuasive strategies during his speeches to attract audience attention and acquire a mass following of people who believed in the same ideas…
Author : dareclementine
PROTEST AND REFORM essay example
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