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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Small group communication A small group is defined as a few people engaged in communication interaction over time, in face-to-face and/or computer mediated environments who have common goals and norms and have developed a communication pattern for meeting their goals in an interdependent manner (Cragan, Wright and Kasch 9).


However, the difference was both the aim and the setting. Most of the group discussions in the past were largely informal and were held beyond the class confines. Furthermore, the participants voluntarily joined these groups and arbitrarily decided on the direction the group discussions should take. This perhaps explains why most of these groups never really achieved the goals one had envisioned. However, the class discussions were much more formal the participants had a clear goal and the instructor provided the assessment. This prompted everyone to be serious and actively participate. All the same, there were hindrances that downplayed the group’s efficiency. These shortcomings were not apparent at the time but have become clearer after understanding the principles and theories of small groups. In the following section, this study looks at the shortcomings that form a basis of the group’s critique. The feeling is by addressing these pitfalls the group would have been able to generate appropriate answers in a shorter timeframe. Additionally, the quality of answers generated would have been better as everyone would have been fully involved. An effective small group that would guarantee efficient results is one that has established clear roles for the small group members. ...
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