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Formal Report on How Students Use Social Media Table of Contents Introduction 3 Current Trends in Social Media amongst the Student Population 4 Various Types of Socially Acceptable Media Available 5 Changes in the Past Five Year of How Students Receive Information and News 8 Economic or Technological Factors Influencing Student’s Decision 10 Conclusion 11 References 12 Introduction Social media has emerged as an inseparable facet of modern day civilization, playing the role of a communication channel and a source of updated information irrespective of cultural, geographical, political or economic divergences.


There are various features of social media that are identifiable in relation to its usage among students like, enhanced scope of informal communication in the global context through internet and accessibility to uncountable technological features. At the same time it enables simultaneous freedom to access mischievous contents which are traditionally restricted at a general platform. From a critical point of view, it can further be argued that these features act as a strong driving force to increase social media usage among the populaces (Lenhart et. al., 2010; Sponcil & Gitimu, 2011). Based on this context, the essay will intend to present a critical discussion dealing with the trend of using social media among students across the globe. ...
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