Discuss: how do events become media events?( use examples)

Discuss: how do events become media events?( use examples) Essay example
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Princess Diana’s car accident was a great news event and her funeral was a great media event. How did her death become great media event is part of the discussion linked with this paper. News from the media is influential as most of them concern the human life.


For example, everyday, people would hear crimes and to the extent that violence associated with killing has been remarkably considered a reality of life. When the news report would headline ‘a man kills his wife,’ there will no longer be something new about it as many people would constantly hear it across the globe via local and international news broadcasting. However, the story behind this killing is what would matter. Then that news report, provided there is something interesting about its story would begin to be considered a great news event, something that would interest a human mind (Boorstin, 2007). For example, if a man intended to kill his wife not because of clandistine love affair outside the bound of marriage which is a common story, but unless done by influential or controversial person or because she was too much addicted to the internet, then as many people would begin to take interest of this news report from a broadcaster, the story would probably end up being considered great news event. The news media, as Boorstin would agree have the power to influence the creation of great news event as their scope of coverage is so vast that it could probably reach across the globe. Now, how does this great news event become a great media event is a considerable progression of news reporting outcome. ...
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