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Communication Theory Application [Number of Student] [Name of Instructor] [Name of Course] [Date] Contents Contents 2 1.Introduction: 4 2.Understanding Uses and Gratification Theory: 4 3.Application of Uses and Gratification Theory: 5 4.Evidence Gathering: 6 5.Mass Media- Evidence Analysis: 6 4.1 Advertising: 6 4.2 Film: 6 4.3 Television: 6 6.Conclusion and summary: 7 References List 8 Honesty statement I hereby verify that the following report is my individual effort with no plagiarism.


Communication Theory Application 1. Introduction: The purpose of this analytical paper is to evaluate the chosen mass communication theory i.e. Uses and gratification theory (UGT) (Zhao, 2008). In order to conduct an in-depth evaluation of the theory, collection of internet mediums of social interaction (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Social Forums) and campaigns which are aired on television, print ads and magazines have been evaluated (Baran & Davis, 2011). The chosen situation which have been underlying to the evaluation of UGT is need of a divergent medium where communication and quick. Since Internet has taken its toll in terms of frequency and reach thus, people have become more attracted towards social medium for their social interactions (Larson, 2009). 2. Understanding Uses and Gratification Theory: Unlike other theories which determine the effects of media on the society, Uses and Gratification theory (UGT) is concerned with the way people make use of the media in order to meet their desires (needs) (Salwen, 2009). The commonality among the other mass communication theories and UGT is that it is associated with the psychological context of society (Fourie, 2001). ...
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