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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Civility versus Incivility Civility entails more than being kind and of pleasant manners. It involves owning and taking care of self identity, beliefs and needs with integrity while respecting those of others (Reagle 2). Civility calls for connecting and living successfully with others, strengthening effective communications and self expression especially among people or communities with deeply set disagreements.


The small size of the company, owned by an elderly couple, did not call for strict and complex protocols as seen in the corporate world. Its operations were split along the two product lines, with only two permanent employees; a team leader in charge of car air fresheners and another team leader in charge of home air fresheners. Being the team leader of the home air freshener division, I was also in charge of hiring and paying, on casual basis, a small sales team that sold the products from door to door, in homes and offices. The other team leader also put together his small team that sold their merchandise in parking yards, in the streets and automobile garages. Both teams were made up of young people working part time to earn extra income to make ends meet. They earned a minimal fixed weekly wage, plus commission based on their sales. Before long I noticed a high turnover among the sales persons of the car team. On several occasions, some of them approached me outside working hours asking for change of divisions, citing poor sales in the car division. ...
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