TV Series: "Grey’s Anatomy" Essay example
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Grey’s anatomy is arguably one of the most watched television programs in the United States of America. The television show, which falls in the drama genre of television programs, revolves around the daily lives of surgeons at a local hospital.


Market model of media contents dictate that media practitioners develop content that appeal to the market. The market in this aspect refers to the consumers of the mass media product. In this, a program developer considers the trends in the market and incorporates them in the program to help capture the intended market (Crain 31). Grey’s anatomy is a drama revolving around the lives and activities of surgeons at a local hospital. The choice of surgeons and a hospital for a setting should tell a lot about the program, its developer and the primary target. The process of developing a program relies heavily on creativity alongside knowledge on a particular field. The developer has therefore studied the market but he has knowledge on the practices of doctors and the structure of their daily lives. He therefore infuses his knowledge on human psychology with his understanding of the human behavior to develop a hilarious drama that targets a general viewer. The program’s primary target is any adult most preferably a family man or woman. This gives the developer a great opportunity to expand the viewership of his show as much as he is best capable. The show addresses issues that affect most families and relationships. ...
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