Is mass media a cause of moral decline? Essay example
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Mass Media and Moral Decadence Mass media have enjoyed the limelight for the benefits that it has brought to the society to a point that its failures have been overlooked. The failures range from poor coverage of content and negative exposure to moral decadence in the society; where moral decadence is crucial.


As such, mass media have continuously portrayed the differences found within different religious groups and drawn criticisms towards them. This has led to increased hostility amongst different religious groups and religions since mass media draw a line between them. This creates the illusion that none of the religions can coexist peacefully without getting into each other’s business and without pointing out their differences. It is because of this that there divisions in the society, and a poor sense of nationalism and humanity because people do not look at which makes them one or brings them together, such as being part of the human race and the other things that they depend on each other for the daily living. Instead, the media illustrates their differences through talks on television that are aimed at showing who is right and who is wrong and religious content that is distributed all over television programming. In addition, mass media has strong roots on the internet, where it continues to post inciting information and reckless coverage of sensitive religious events. This can be seen in the case of the middle-east, where the West continues to wage war in the name of liberation. As such, mass media fuels the war by including terms of religious radicals that are fighting a holy war against another religion that they perceive to be in the process of dominating their lives (The Washington Times, 2007). ...
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