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RUNNING HEAD: News Analysis News Analysis Student’s Name Student’s ID Teacher’s Name Date Discourse and narrative analysis are the fundamental techniques of critically analyzing the story presented in television and print media. In a literal sense, discourse can be explained as the usage of language for the purpose of delivering meanings during the discussion.


For the purpose of understanding discourse and its types, a rigorous narrative analysis of news stories retrieved from the newspaper The Globe and Mail and CBC Network’s broadcast are used. The news story itself is related to Pope Benedict’s resignation that was announced on 11th February, 2013. Critical analysis of the story helped in understanding how the dominant discourses construct a story for the audience with structure of roles and point of views being the important factors, and helps them derive meaning out of it,. In the given story, moral, religious and legal discourses are apparent in the language used in the news paper article published in The Globe and Mail. The headline stated, “Pope Benedict’s sudden resignation reveals an independent mind” followed by a great deal of explanation about his modesty and him being knowledgeable of limits imposed on him by the moral obligations toward Church. The figure speech illustrates how the newspaper has declared Pope to have complete command over his decisions and who cannot be suppressed by external social variables. This is where the speech recognizes his legal right of being independent. ...
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