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China Central Television (CCTV) began the continuous broadcasting of the earthquake disaster on the morning of 12 May, 2008 to the surprise of millions of people living in China.


(Ditong, 2009). This was unexpected of China. As in the past, Chinese media had never broadcasted instantly news related to natural disasters without the consultation and direction from the Chinese Government. But this was the first time it had behaved differently. In the 1980’s reporting of such disasters was not allowed as it was considered not to be in the best interest of China. It was thought that reporting such events would harm the country’s good reputation. With time, China’s perspective regarding the broadcasting of news related to natural disasters changed to becoming more open and less introvert. And now reporting such events is no longer a politically sensitive issue. This was an example of one medium change among the different forms of Chinese media with the passage of time. All Chinese media experienced similar change as the world advanced. History: Traditional Media to New Media in China With the change of dynasties and rulers, China experienced evolutionary changes in its media reforms. Starting from the 1956, it was the first time that a Chinese computer scientist edited the article on computer theory. ...
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