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How is the city written - I picked the topic: by consumerism

London, being a focal point of Europe, has been a home to people from all around the globe. While commenting on consumerism as a phenomenon, Stearns (2001) regards a consumerist society as “a society in which many people formulate their goals in life partly through acquiring goods that they clearly do not need for subsistence or for traditional display.” (Stearns 2001, p.9). As one talks about fashion and life style of people, consumerism has been a driving force in evolving and incorporating them in the lives of people living in London. According to Mullins, Natalier, Smith & Smeaton (1999), the theoretical propositions in relation to the concept of consumerism are largely classified as pessimistic views and liberal views. The pessimist point of view considers consumerism as a byproduct of capitalism, whereas optimistic views states that “consumption allows people to improve their subjective and objective well-being, with opportunities being available to enhance leisure freedom and to facilitate the pursuit of happiness.” (Mullins, Natalier and Smith 1999, p.44). On the other hand, Warde (1996) states that the diversity of consumption patterns is expressed more openly than before and relating this open expression to London, one can say that the city has dwelled on this notion quite substantially. ...
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How is the city written by consumerism? How is the city written by consumerism? “If there is one agreement between theorists of modernity and those of post modernity, it is about the centrality of consumption to modern capitalism and contemporary culture…
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