Cell Phones: How They Changed Us Socially

Cell Phones: How They Changed Us Socially Research Paper example
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Communication is one of the factors which played a vital role in the development of the human beings. It is an important aspect of human life and for which they use a different kind of methods and system. In the modern society, mobile phones are seen as the most important instrument.


Just like Television in 1950s and Internet in 1990s, mobile are getting famous and emerged as one of the most prominent communication technology. Number of mobile phones users is increasing day by day in every part of the world. With such worldwide adoption, mobile phone not only changed the communication technology but is also having the impact on the human society. This paper will discuss the impact of the mobile phones on the society.
What is Communication?
As we all aware that communication is a process of sharing information, thoughts, ideas, feelings, questions, concepts and messages between two or more people. There are various ways through which this process can be taken place for instance, Person to person, person to group, Telephone, video, letter, email, and chat-room.
Above mentioned diagram clearly depicts the process of communication. The most important aspect of communication is that it is a two way process. There should be a sender/source who encodes the message before sending it through the most suitable channel and receiver who decodes the message and gives feedback.
There are many barriers that come across while sending the message to the receiver. One of the most important barriers which need to be taken into consideration is a selection of inappropriate channel. ...
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