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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Public/Private Censorship One of the most troubling aspects of our current world is the near complete loss of independent journalism. The previous sentence carefully underscores the words “near complete loss”.


Rather, it is much more reasonable to assume that profit and market dominance will be the driving force. This brief editorial will seek to analyze the ways in which the media has recently come to be dominated by just a handful of players, what this means for journalistic integrity, and how this bodes for the future of democracy within the United States. Regardless of the individual branding that greets the reader, listener or viewer of the particular media outlet in question, the fact remains that Viacom, NBC Universal, Walt Disney, CBS Corporation, News Corp, and Time Warner ultimately are the owner and/or the fiduciary agent behind whatever firm is being represented (Taylor 1). Whereas just 20-30 years ago, the field of media firms could not be described without tracing a complicated tree of ownership back to about 40 distinct and separate firms, the field has been progressively narrowed as a mass of mergers have taken place. ...
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