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Media Analysis and Engagement Plan: Samsung Product Launch in the UK Core Story/Background for the Release Samsung Electronics has suffered a major blow from the lawsuit with Apple Macintosh, despite court rulings decreasing the settlement amount in major cities around the world.


The product was able to win over many fans and boost sales due to its innovative features such as a large HD touch screen, rounded design, eye movement recognition and pop-up play features (Samsung Electronics, 2013). The successful release of the upgraded flagship product across the world prompted Samsung to create an even better version, the Samsung Galaxy S-IV, which is to be released sometime in 2013. However, speculations as to the product’s specifications and release date were already starting to creep up in the web, despite the South Korean company not fully disclosing about the product just yet. In order to curb the hype as well as to properly inform the public and the product’s targeted audience, a social media and traditional media engagement plan would be designed to create a smooth and problem-free product release for the Samsung Galaxy S-IV. Identified Target Audiences (Online and Offline) High-end devices such as smartphones are known to appeal to two major age groups which are known to be tech-savvy among most of the general public: the 15-34 age group and the 35+ age group, also known as the Generation Y’s (We Are Apps, 2013). This is explainable by the fact that both age groups grew up with a full knowledge about rapid technological advancements and are not shy from using them, aside from having the income to buy such devices. ...
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