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Student’s Name Course Name Instructor’s Name Date Social effects of Telecommuting Telecommuting refers to the way employees of some organizations are permitted to work in their homes away from a centralized workplace using available information technologies.


Telecommuting has been a growing trend since the 1970s and it is increasingly becoming popular especially because many companies have little office space to spare. This system has been taken advantage of by many companies because they not only save on office space, but it also allows them to get more work done by having more employees without having to create space for them to work. When telecommuting home ends up becoming the workplace of an individual and because of this, such an individual will always equip his or her home to ensure that it is a comfortable working environment. Consequently, the differences between home and work eventually become blurred, and the privacy that the home provided ends up being lost. This means that home is no longer seen to be a refuge from a hard day’s work, but an extension of the workplace. Such situations may be problematic for some individuals because it leads to an increase in work related stress and other psychological conditions. In addition, the traditional way through which people worked and interacted at the office is lost, since the close proximity and interpersonal interactions that could be achieved at the workplace is lost. Telecommuting encourages the isolation of an individual from any form of social life and this may be detrimental to such a person’s mental health (Burger, et al 39). ...
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