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Living In The Digital World Name: Institution: The study begins with a clear emphasis that human beings are interested in sex. The aim of the study is to investigate the link between money, sex and happiness. Humans are biologically engineered to be sexual beings.


It is therefore evident that this evaluation may be subject to distortion and give incorrect data. Self-reported data may be subject to an individual’s aspirations, circumstances and comparison with others. Hence, an individual may intentionally give invalid information in regards to his or her happiness. The article accepts this shortcoming in measuring happiness but does not come up with strategies to overcome the possibility of collecting data (Blanchflower, 2003, p. 3). The author suggests that human happiness cannot be understood without listening to what people say about themselves. However, it is possible to collect accurate data given the fact the world has become more digital. Accurate data can be recorded to evaluate a person’s level of happiness by analyzing his or her activities both online and offline. It is necessary to take precaution when collecting data online as people may give information that cannot be substantiated. Boerro and Pascoe (2007) also noted that the lack of real life interaction in social networking sites can make respondents feel less obliged to give real information. The study “Money, Sex and Happiness” does not explore the possibility of alternative ways of collecting reliable data from the responds. ...
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