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Organizational communication Introduction: Toyota Motor Inc. Organizational communication has a symbiotic relationship with the firms’ processes and culture and plays a key role in fostering a harmonious work environment. According to Pomeroy (2004: 46) “Great companies create strong, positive company cultures that foster happy, engaged employees who feel empowered to make decisions in their daily work”.


About Toyota Motors Inc Toyota Motors Inc. is one of the top-selling automobile manufacturing companies in the United States providing breakthrough products that cater to a wide range of consumers, and promoting quality, dependability and reliability for over fifty years (Toyota Inc., 2013). A significant proportion of the company's success can be attributed to its almost flawless communication strategies. The company has successfully managed to communicate its visions and ideas concerning its environmental approach, its emphasis on recycling, and providing top quality products to its customers. The effectiveness of the communication strategies adopted by the company is apparent from the unprecedented success of its green environmentally friendly products such as the Prius, which managed to become a revolutionary product idea and a leader in the automobile industry. ...
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