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[Your full name] [Instructor’s name] [Course name and code] February 28, 2013 An Experience of Incivility One goes through, and also witnesses, many events in one’s life when one has to experience civility or incivility from others. These events leave a strong impression upon one’s mind, which cannot be forgotten easily.


Although I have been through many experiences of civility in my life, I would, here, narrate an experience when a person acted uncivil toward me. This experience is important for me as I learnt a very good lesson which benefitted me many a times after that. I was driving with my dad to the beach on a hot summer day when our car got stuck in traffic. It was a holiday and, thus, most of the people were out. Our car was at a signal. On green light, the driver in front of our car did not move. My dad has always been very against rudeness but, still, he kept his nerves. We got out of the car, and went to the driver. I saw that he was trying to grab his cell phone from the back seat that his kid has thrown there. “Excuse me! The signal is green from ages. Will you mind moving? The whole traffic is waiting for you to move on, and you seem like not caring at all,” my dad asked him. “Yes, I will mind moving until I grab my phone. You’d better stay back,” he replied with much arrogance. “How rude that is!” dad exclaimed, “Don’t you know you are bugging others in the line?” “No, I don’t!” he shouted at dad, “I’ll move, just go, I know I don’t have to stay here forever, as I am not that free as you are. Hey Jimmy, did you find the damned phone?” This time he shouted at his kid, who looked puzzled and was at the verge of crying. ...
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