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Literature Review - Sports illustrated A Reflection of Societies Acceptance of The Muted Group Theory Savanah Alexander CTAC 354 Communication Theories Professor K. Rassenhasmussen 16 Feb 2013 HISTORICAL BACKGROUND This literature review seeks to study the Muted Group Theory and identify how the swimsuit video advertisement entitled “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Las Vegas” is an example of how society accepts this theory.


In Edwin’s view, it was wrong to use information collected from men to arrive at conclusions about the entire society without seeking the views of both women and men. He argued that it was this hierarchy in society that had rendered women voiceless over the years. The main proponent of the theory is Cheris Kramarae. The Muted Group Theory has been used for purposes of communication studies. Cheris Kramarae, once a professor in charge of Women’s Studies, worked with various lecturers from around the world. According to Cheris Kramarae, the ideas contained in the Muted Group Theory state that men created communication as a tool for taking advantage of women (Kramarae, 1981). The theory requires women to play strictly within the confines of the language developed by man and are therefore not allowed to have their own way of expressing their feelings and thoughts. Muted group theory also provides an explanation as to why there are groups in society that have a voice while some are mute. In her 1974 study, Chen's Kramarae focused on how the characters in cartoons are quite deceptive. ...
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