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Media coverage, Death of Caylee Anthony, Florida - Research Paper Example


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Media coverage, Death of Caylee Anthony, Florida

The petition started by Maureen Pater, a resident of Danver, Massachusetts was just one of more than a hundred petitions at related to the Anthony case. Other petitions called for federal agencies to reopen the case, while others wanted to pressure Cindy and George Anthony, parents of Casey to sue their daughter for killing their grandchild. Others, who recognized Casey’s new celebrity status wanted to prevent her from earning profit from the sale of her life story. Comments from various news stories about the Anthony case showed that everyone was convinced of Casey’s guilt, and her acquittal came as a shock to America. How can the land of the free allow a monster to roam its streets? What is wrong with our justice system? Many people asked. Just like the Matthew Sheppard murder, the Casey Anthony case received national media attention because it had elements of a “good melodrama” (Ott & Aoki, 2002). It touched on various social issues in America - from teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse in families, mental health issues and insufficient support of the government for single parents – most of which are largely undiscussed in our country’s legislative halls. It looked at a young child and the future she will never have. And perhaps the most sensational of all its elements is the unimaginable, horrific effect a dysfunctional family can have on an individual that can lead her to murder her own child. Two e of the earliest news stories found bore an impersonal titles: “Girl, 2, Missing

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Media coverage, Death of Caylee Anthony, Florida
(Pater, 2011) The above petition description expressed the public outrage after Casey Anthony, mother and suspected killer of 2-year old Caylee Anthony, was acquitted. The petition started by Maureen
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For Over A Month” (Central Florida News, 2008a) and “Missing Florida Girl's Grandmother Asks Police to Arrest Daughter for 'Grand Theft' in 911 Call” (Donaldson-Evans, 2008). It was published only a few days after the Casey’s arrest was made. At this point, there were still many uncertainties as to Caylee was. By the August 2008, when Casey was finally charged with child neglect and Felony, people were finally ready to think of the unthinkable: that a mother can be so neglectful, she does not report the disappearance of her child. During this period, headlines have become more personal, mentioning Caylee or Casey’s name in the title, and assuming that whoever was reading the news, they would already have heard who these two people were. Some of these news stories were: “Casey Anthony Released From Jail” (Central Florida News, 2008b), “Caylee's Hair Found In Trunk Of Casey's Car” (Central Florida News, 2008c). Despite the fact that it was only a month after Caylee was reported to be missing and evidence pointing to her location were still inconclusive, the media has already created its own version of the story. By the time CNN’s Nancy Grace found out about the Anthony’s, the public was already convinced that Casey was already convicted as a liar. And if she could let 31 days pass without reporting her child’s disappearance, then she was a bad mother. This claim can be supported by a transcript of Nancy Grace’s interview with Jose Baez (Central Florida News, 2008d): Nancy Grace: Why didn't your client report her missing immediately? Jose Baez: Well, her reasons and explanations for those are confidential, and I can't reveal them at this time. Grace: You know that doesn't make any sense. Baez: Well, you know, I'm sorry it doesn't make any sense to you, but you don't know what our defense may be. Grace:


Media Coverage of the Death of Caylee Anthony University Media Coverage of the Death of Caylee Anthony When a child is killed, her mom or dad can be expected to lead the fight for justice. But when a parent is involved, the rest of us have to step up and speak for the voiceless child…
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Media coverage, Death of Caylee Anthony, Florida essay example
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