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Influenza communication campaign

The biggest challenge that health agencies and the government face is the sustaining of alertness and awareness among the public over the particular period that the pandemic is in session. The response to this challenge and others that are posed by the management of risks emanating from unfamiliar health hazards calls for the recognition that the process of promoting this sustenance not only involves ensuring that the information gotten is right but also making sure that the mode of communication of this information is one that incorporates and accommodates diversities that are present in the community’s needs, expectations and characteristics (Ratzan 2012 p. 21).This is why various communication campaigns have been formulated to act as a platform through which the public can be educated about the dangers of pandemics and the methods of coping with them.The campaign that I am to describe took pace in West Virginia several months ago. This was a vaccination campaign conducted in West Virginia, a state in United States of America. It was composed of audiences and audience segments. The audiences shared some similarities as well as differences and the campaign team conducted several studies to understand the nature of the audience. The most effective way to segment is by use of psychographic and cultural variables. The audiences targeted by the campaign were told that they were not going to be passive who just receive the messages but an active audience able to participate. ...
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This paper describes an influenza communication campaign which took place in West Virginia several months ago. The writer was personally actively involved in the campaign and was able to learn a lot about effective communication which will be featured in the study aswell.

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