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Internal conflict has been prevalent in the eastern province of South Kivu, as well as North Kivu and other LRA-affected regions within the Bas-Uele and Haut-Uele districts of the Orientale Province in Congo.


This further compounded the delicate situation of security in the entire Kivu region. One of the most critical fights occurred in July 2010 when fighting between FARDC and ADF-NALU contributed significantly to the refugee and IDP situation inherent in North Kivu. Armed groups located in North Kivu continue to engage in many, serious abuses with abject impunity. Some of these abuses even constitute war crimes or crimes against humanity. These acts include unlawful killings, mass rape, torture and disappearances. Moreover, these armed groups are known to recruit, train and retain child soldiers and engage forced labour.
However, despite the prevalence of incidences and heinous acts, little information is provided by the media. The stories continue to be unreported or underreported by the media. This paper will examine the conflict in the North Kivu of Congo that has been unreported by the media for many years. The paper will focus intently on the chief reasons of the conflict and the reasons the media keep silent regarding the situation of even misinform the public about the conflict.
The ensuing violence experienced in the eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is bewildering, particularly with regard to its complexity as a result of the multitude of grievances, which elicit conflict outbreaks such as local, cross-border, financial and political conflicts and the profusion of armed factions. ...
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