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Name Tutor Course College Date Social Penetration Theory The theory looks into how people relate to each other and how their relationships develop and deepen in the process. Penetration exposes weaknesses and strengths of persons during getting to explore each other’s lives.


Their talk involves cliche like it has been long since we talked when they actually have little to say, life has been good it is always like that and you have grown so beautiful used at times to evade the actual topics that are personally involving. The conversations do not involve personal matters on a deeper level. Most comments during the orientation stage could be insincere or with very little sincerity or concern. The exploratory stage is where people give their opinion on light matters that are yet not deep. At this point only casual friendships develop out of social activity and conversations revolve around politics and the weather celebrities and public figures. Conversations may involve talk like I think the senator is doing a good job with his new project. Affective stage involves a lot of personal critical opinion. Persons start to express themselves and their emotion, what they like and what they do not like. They start to use the first person in statements for example, I am really not into bowling, and that man angers me or I like that girl. Relationships at this point may involve kissing and intimate touching and open statements of affection like I love you. At the stable stage, persons not only express themselves they also learn to read the other persons emotions and know what to do to please them and what to avoid doing to avoid displeasing them. ...
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