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Discuss the importance and relevance of two of the concepts listed below to the academic field of Cultural Studies: a) Ideol - Essay Example

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Discuss the importance and relevance of two of the concepts listed below to the academic field of Cultural Studies: a) Ideol

It seeks to figure out how a certain culture generates its meaning from various factors like economic, social and political spheres impact on it on a daily basis. Cultural studies is a discipline that is practiced by devoting time and other resources to try and decipher the dynamic relationships, which merge to form a discernible culture in a society. The objective of this paper is to discuss the significance and relevance of two concepts on the academic field of cultural studies. Ideology is a key term that is widely associated with cultural studies, where it describes different philosophical viewpoints regarding what defines the culture, of a given community or society. Ideology is a concept forwarded by a certain group, in society, with the aim of representing this thought or ideal as the foundation of all things that govern and control their social, cultural and economic well-being. Another notion forwarded by a German philosopher Karl Marx was that an ideology was an idea proposed by the ruling class making the ideas a governing principle in that society (Grossberg & Pollock, 2012 p18). According to Grossberg and Pollock, this means that the class with the resources to sustain the economy of that community has also the means to dictate the reasoning of the rest of society. In most societies across the world, ideologies have been implemented using force in areas where the domineering group failed to assert its ideals by conventional means. However, this notion came under dispute from cultural studies scholars who hypothesized that the power that ideologies wielded did not come from people’s submission to the use of force but through consent (Grossberg & Pollock, 2012 p 45). This is garnered through habitual behavior change over time until at present, it seems natural, but in the real sense, these ideal that people seem to be practicing and are comfortable with were once concepts forwarded by the ruling class and over time through generations, it was assimilated into the culture of this people. The origin of an ideology determines the characteristics of that society because the origin of the concept contains objectives and agendas driven by the ideology. Cultural studies reflect on how ideologies shape the individual whose attitudes and behaviors have been modified by adopting various forms of ideologies in life. According to cultural studies, an ideology is lived in relation with life, which is molded by our beliefs, and how we allow people forwarding the concepts that shape ideologies to fair, in our societies. Cultural studies portray ideologies as tools or instruments used to direct the reasoning unconsciously, of the societies from where they were born to think, in a predefined way, which serves the interests of those in charge (Grossberg & Pollock, 2012 p 70). Ideologies, in the context of cultural studies, represent conceptions that influence an individual to focus on self and their perceived social order. It does this by analyzing the impact of different sets of ideologies through various mediums especially the media. Cultural studies highlight the multitude of determinants that guide the way a given culture, for example, the role of gender, race, religion, educational standards, ethnicity and class, manipulates the way that an ideology influence a community. Practitioners of cultural studi ...Show more


Importance and Relevance of Two Concepts to Academic Field of Cultural Studies Name: Institution: Date: Cultural studies have existed for less than a half a century where it was initiated in Birmingham Centre for Cultural Studies, Britain. It has become a course in universities worldwide and developed into a discipline on its own right…
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Discuss the importance and relevance of two of the concepts listed below to the academic field of Cultural Studies: a) Ideol essay example
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