The books are not dying in the digital age

The books are not dying in the digital age Essay example
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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject 18 March 2013 The Books are not Dying in the Digital Age Introduction: Books are the treasure- house of knowledge. Books are so familiar with us since, the time of ages. All sorts of knowledge that the human race has observed so far has been summed up in our books.


For example: When observing the history, one can see that one of the revolutionary changes of society and world was through the enlightenment by books. Nowadays, the books are being digitalised. There is no need for the printing press and for papers as before. Nevertheless, it is not possible to digitalise the entire information as when one needed. The changes which are begun by the information are conveyed through television and also, it is through the medium of cyberspace which acts as their existence. The importance of reading is diminished when people are being dependent on television and internet for entertainment. Television stole one’s attention through the sensational programs which does not make any benefit as compared to a book, where one’s acquiring knowledge through reading. Nowadays, books can be seen as digitalised. E-book has got its recognition in the present times. The recognition is through internet with computers and by other electronic devices such as ipad, tablets. Book printing is becoming impoverished mainly in the context of the rise of computers and internet. Nevertheless, another form of reading a book is known as E-book and has got its precedence at these times. ...
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