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Interactional view Name Institution Interactional view There has been vast research on how communication affects a family and to what extent. Basically, there is a total of five axioms which are used as the basic factors of building a theory that specifically narrows down towards explaining communication and its related functions within a family.


Basically, its major area of concern is the larger sense of community and indeed the whole human system in general. There are rules and regulations which are generally meant to govern the entire family’s way of communication with regard to interaction view. It is believed that there is greater importance to maintain a status quo within a family even if it might be viewed to be negative and impossible to be subjected to any form of change. Thus, it would be necessary to fully understand the whole axioms of communication to foster appropriate and effective delivery of massages within the family and the entire society as a whole. According to interaction view each and every behavior is considered to be a way of communication thus it is totally impossible to evade communication. Communication can be perceived to be avoided but the use of non-verbal communication is one way of passing information. Silence is usually attributed to some issues which are considered to be completely beyond our reach or control thus rendering the idea of no communication to be totally impossible. For instance I am a Chinese student studying in America but it would be impossible not to communicate to my family back in China. ...
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