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Mobile phones and YouTube affect people's lives - Term Paper Example

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Mobile phones and YouTube affect people's lives

With the rapid development of technology, many different kinds of technology has changed dramatically, and some of changes affecting the society. In the current society, technology has become an essential part in people’s life, almost everyone in the world use some kinds of technology. These new technologies can change people’s quality of life; for example, phones can change the relationship between people by easily connect with each other. “YouTube can make people became presumes which are producing and consuming media via agency and producers which implies more potential for action and independence.” In some case, technologies are also a double-edged sword that it might affect people’s thoughts. Such as phones change the area of surveillance, it is also the way that people are monitored by others. The tort of copy right is still a problem about YouTube. It is obviously shows that how technology changed our daily life and the rule we need to follow.
People’s lives and phones have an inextricable relationship, millions of people use mobile phones every day. It shows that phones play an important role of people’s daily life. Some people use phones for emergency things or build the relationship with others. Early stage, mobile phones were basic communication tools. However, it combines photographing; games and many different function now. Mobile phones can be used to reschedule and communicate in last minute. Landline phone would not do those things, since no one would always have their landline phone with them. For instance, women will call her husband to pick their children up from school or give a call and tell the school that she will be late a little because she stuck in the traffic. It could also help people to keep in touch with friends and family even in a long distant by using social networking application such as Facebook (Line, Jain & Lyons, 2011). For example, a student who moves away from home to start university course can use Facebook to meet new friends and maintain the relationship between old friends and family. Mobile phones have a lot of advantage; However, studies show that there are fourfold car incident by use of mobile phones during driving (Mccartt, Hellinga, & Bratiman, 2006), because it distracted driver’s attention. Now, the law banned these behaviors from drivers. Caller identification is also a feature of phones. It can be known that the number calling in by the caller ID and they can choose to answer it or not. It is also a way to stop the harassment or prank calls (Ferguson, 2001). However, the option of caller ID anonymity also came out, which is users can choose to block their number from showing up on other’s phones while they calling (Ferguson, 2001). It seems like cannot reach the purpose of caller ID. Still, some people may not want to answer a call from others due to some reasons, caller identification would assist them to do it. On the other hand, a number of people use phones to photographing and upload the pictures to website such as Facebook and instagram, it allows their friends or followers to know what they are doing and where they are. It makes the users under surveillance through mobile phones. “Some of this surveillance is purposeful and targeted and some of it is incidental a side effect of other features (Flew & Smith, 2011, p.231).” Especially for instagram and path, which are popularity recently, both applications have ability to share pictures and locations. Not only is social networking application, but also send messages and phone calls also can bring the users under surveillance. In some case, it also has advantage, which can locate users clearly and quickly if they are in dangerous. Phones have also encouraged multitasking; in fact, during the past, there was no possibility of talking to someone over the phone while doing other things such as shopping in a grocery store (Stewart, 2013). Moreover, ...Show more


According to the analysis of mobile phones and YouTube, those technologies can change people’s daily lives in different ways. Even though phones may make people under surveillance, it also provides users a safety and convenience way in their lives. …
Author : shane20
Mobile phones and YouTube affect peoples lives essay example
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