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Future Food Trends Health - Research Paper Example

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Abstract This research paper is about three (3) French Dishes and British Dishes in the USA, their ingredients, cooking methods, and why they fit in American culture. It was discovered, especially for British dishes, that restaurants have adjusted the flavour and appearance of the recipes to make them acceptable to the customers in America…

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Future Food Trends Health

Introduction The purpose of this research of French Recipes and British Recipes in the USA is to identify food coming from the culture of France and UK, in order to see how their food have become acceptable to Americans. A little of each of the country’s background relevant to the recipes had to be included to give an idea of how such recipe became popular in the past and how such recipe reached the present or were changed to meet the demands of the present American society. In place of describing the colour and appearance in words, pictures of the selected recipes are shown. A.French Dishes La Salade Lyonnaise (French Appetizer) It will take about 20 minutes to prepare this salad recipe. Given the mixture of vegetables below, these are mixed with a little water, mustard, and vinegar along with Rapeseed Oil to serve as emulsifier. Notice that the specified gree vegetables are not specified. In order to utilize fresh American vegetables depending on whatever is available, this French salad is prepared in the procedures described bel;ow. a. Mixed Greens b. Lardons c. Croutons d. Poached Egg L’Assiete de Hors D’oeuvres 8 Lentil e. Celery Root f. Carrot Salads Water and white wine vinegar are boiled first. ...
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