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Performance Appraisals

One of the main benefits in performance appraisal is facilitation of management –employee communication. This paper evaluates how performance appraisal pertains to business communication between parties giving and receiving the reviews. In the process of performance appraisal data is collected using three methods namely; personnel evaluation, judgment evaluation, and objective production (Cederblom, 1982). Among the three, the most commonly used is judgmental evaluation because it can be combined with other evaluation methods. In most cases, interviews are used to provide feedback to employees, conveying and informing them of compensation, counseling and developing employees’ decisions. In this case, communication skills are extremely significant for the reviewer to get what he or she wants. The main argument is that the approach of the reviewer will direct the reaction of the person being reviewed, and this will in turn affect the expected results. Performance appraisal is also used in performance management where subordinates are given a chance to appraise their employer’s performance in meeting their expectations and relaying such expectations to employers (DeNisi & Pritchard, 2006). ...
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Performance Appraisals Institution name Performance Appraisals Performance appraisal is a process of evaluating employee’s performance at work. In an organization, this process is systematically and periodically taken as part of career development where the performance of employees is regularly reviewed…
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Performance Appraisals
One of the main benefits in performance appraisal is facilitation of management –employee communication. This paper evaluates how performance appraisal pertains to business communication between parties giving and receiving the reviews.
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