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Full name Professor Subject Date The Importance of Support System in a Strenuous Situation Peter Johnson is a CVS specialist at the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, a division of Texas Health and Human Services. He says that the company he works for is fondly called the “department’ in the legal court system.


So many times, the unit has to work with families as a whole” in order to decrease the safety and risk factors that brought the children into states care in the first place”. Johnson’s job seems extremely difficult because they deal with families that have drug and violence problems, mental health issues and societal dysfunctions. He is exposed daily to violence and other strenuous situations which could really take its toll in a period of time. Still, he performs his duties and responsibilities to reunite the children back with their parents or legal guardians. However, his department’s goals are seldom achieved. Nevertheless, he still continues to work and do his best to make a better place for Texans to live. With the strain employees can get from the situations described above, Johnson does not say he loves or even enjoys it. He claims though that “it takes a certain mentality to work at my job”. He tries to explain this by further saying, “There is a high degree of employee turnover and burn-out. My co-workers are all operating under the same level of stress and workload as I do, so there is an inherent bond we all share related to the understanding of what each co-worker has to deal with on a day to day basis”. ...
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