Is the newspaper market stronger in USA or China and what explains the difference?

Is the newspaper market stronger in USA or China and what explains the difference? Essay example
Journalism & Communication
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Journalism, Mass Media and Communication Name Professor Course Date Introduction Journalism is an activity that can be described as one that defines journalists. It is the system in which journalists get to engage the public, and this can be in terms of written, visual or audio material.


The ongoing events in the day to day lives partly depend on the influence of journalists. This is the reason why mass media is a very important tool in any country. They are able to influence what people think, see and hear. They are able to make stories and events known within a short time. The media is an important tool, one which is used to inform on upcoming events that might directly affect the people. Over the years, the mass media has faced criticism, praise and also ridicule because of the way they have handled themselves. In modern times, the press has been used to make false statements, show false news, hide some information and also reveal some of the worst known secrets (Hallin & Mancini, 2004). Journalists have been put in the spotlight over the various news that they have written. They have been charged with intimidation, violence and harassment, but all this is because of the temperament of their occupation. There are different forms of providing news to the public. They include broadcasting over the television and radio stations, newspapers, journals, magazines, and the other important one is the internet. In this essay, attention will be focused towards the newspaper section and its popularity and influence in the United States and China. ...
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