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Name Course Instructor Date Conflict (about Leadership and Dealing with Conflict) by Dennis Coon Conflict arises when an individual has to make a choice between needs, desires, wishes, or demands. The conflict can be caused by the availability of negative or positive choices, approach to resolve the conflict or the outcome of the choices.


Conflict arises in determining the option to undertake without jeopardizing the business. This kind of conflict is easily resolved since the scales of decision are easily tipped towards one of the choices. Leaders faced with negative choices experience avoidance-avoidance conflict. Both choices have negative outcomes and the individual has to settle for the less burdening option. Leaders can be attracted to, and repelled by traits present in the same activity or goal. A business opportunity may have huge profits, but involves big risks that can destroy the business. This scenario introduces approach-avoidance conflict where the choices are both attractive and repelling. The huge profits present a positive choice while risks are repelling aspects of the investment opportunity. This creates the need for calculated risks that can provide the most plausible solution to the conflict. The feelings present to the leader can act as an avenue to resolve the conflict. Another form of conflict arises when the choices available are partially negative and partially positive. This form of conflict is referred to as double approach-avoidance conflict due to the partial positive and negative aspects of the choices. ...
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