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Journalism, Mass Media and Communication Marshall McLuhan, who lived between 1911 and 1980, was a cultural critic, media theorist, and provoker. McLuhan became widely recognised during the 1960s due to his deep insights about the information era. One of McLuhan's best known concepts which are basically summarised by the assertion that, "the medium is the message." The fundamental theory in the statement “the medium is the message” is that the medium through which content is contained has a significant role in the way it is identified.


‘Hot’ media was descriptive of elements of the mass media such as radio, newspapers and magazines. These media types give a lot of information to the reader or listener but do not give room for a lot of sensory involvement or completion on the part of the listener or reader. What McLuhan described as "cool" media included media sources like television as well as the telephone or television. Due to the fact that these devices do not give as much information as the radio or newspaper, they have to exact a stronger sensory “hold” on the attention of their users so as to remain relevant. McLuhan was especially engrossed with the effect of the television, which was just then gaining popularity, on its regular viewers. He was even more enthralled when later research established that television actually affects viewers by supporting them in developing passive brain wave patterns. ...
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