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Conflict essay Name Institution Conflicts entails situations that arises and makes parties involved fail to agree with each other. When a conflict arises in an organization, it hinders communication and could have drastic long term effects. The extent to which an organization’s activities are affected by the conflict is not measurable.


The media is able to do this as it has control of masses by way of passing information via newspapers, books, magazines, music among other many avenues. The main purpose of this essay to illustrate that conflict situations can be resolved. This is particularly so if the involved parties have the will power and are willing to adopt a conflict resolution strategy (Verderber & Verderber, 2013. Our sample case study involves the youth and the mass media fraternity. Recently, the content being aired in most developing countries portrays a lot of violence, sexual violence, risky behaviors, and drug abuse among other morally unethical habits. All these have adverse effects on the minds of the youth. For instance, display of violent behavior triggers bullying and fights in schools. This is because the youth mainly suffer identity crises and will mostly want to associate with actions and people they would want to emulate. Such violent acts could develop into dangerous traits in the youths in the later years of their lives if nothing is done to rectify. Another issue arising is that of irresponsible sexual behavior (Verderber & Verderber, 2013. ...
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