A Critical Analysis of Own Video Work. “Hush” (2013)

A Critical Analysis of Own Video Work.  “Hush” (2013) Essay example
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The short movie titled “Hush” (2013) produced by TIFA productions and directed by a team comprising of Beiyi Jiang, Hephzibah Kwakye-Saka, Jamilah Leigh, Natalie Nicolaides, Akash Pithia and Sonal Vyas, casts Meesha Turner in the lead role of Alice.


The movie focuses on the illustration of the psychological disintegration of the lead character, Alice, who bereaves the death of her son, Jason. She appears obsessed with her son and while doing the chores in the course of her daily life, her attention goes back to her son. Her son’s memories haunt her through his possessions such as his guitar and mask, the room he had used, his pictures and even the “Spiderman Song” from his favourite cartoon. She also seems to be haunted by her own childhood, which reflects on the fragmented manner in which the thoughts about her son come to her. She lives alone and the movie makes no reference to her husband or any other relatives. Thus, it transpires that her son was the only person she loved and cared for and this explains her obsession for him. This obsession with her dead child destabilizes her present life and finally erodes her sanity and she ends up in a mental hospital. The movie eloquently portrays the disintegration of the young mother by relying purely on the actions of the protagonist within 4 consecutive days inside her house and using distorted images of her daily routines. ...
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