How is the city written, by consumerism (focus on Shopping and fashion)

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How is the City of London Written by Consumerism Introduction Consumerism refers to the purchase of goods and services in order to attain satisfaction out of it (Cronin, 2010). People who fall into this category are referred to as shopaholic at times. It is a very important factor in our day to day life as we are confronted with innumerous products that offer us more choices (Beer, 2000).


Consumerism has created a mass market by bringing millions of products and changing the perspective of people in relation to how the city is written (Warde, 1996). This paper seeks to discuss how the city is written by consumerism. In addition, the paper will present argument on consumerism in fashion in industry in London. “If there is one agreement between theorists of modernity and those of post modernity, it is about the centrality of consumption to modern capitalism and contemporary culture. To thinkers as different as Werner Sombart, Emile Durkheim and Veblen Thorstein at the turn of the twentieth century, consumption was a decisive force behind modern capitalism, its dynamism and social structure” (Trentmann 2004, p.373) According to Richards (1990), consumerism has undoubtedly defined the existence and modernity of today’s metropolitan cities. London, being a focal point of Europe, has been a home to people from all around the globe. ...
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